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Who am I to you?

I am the anchor, holding your ship in tow, as you bob upon
the open seas.
I am the tethers that hold you safe in harbour. 
I am the wind in your unfurled sails, as you head out into
uncharted waters.

I am the creak beneath your feet, as you pace the ship’s
I am the timbre of the waves, as they splash against the
I am the seagull’s cry, as she follows you out to sea.
I am the dolphin’s fin, as sign of your safe passage.

I am the Sun peeping over the horizon, as you set sail.
I am the Moon and the Stars on which you set your course.
I am the duty watchman at the helm, as you are stowed 
comfortably below.

I batten down the hatches when the going gets rough. For
should you slip over the side – I am the Life preserver
cast to you.
I am your port and starboard sides, as you adjust your
celestial globe to your destination.

Can I help it, if God has placed me here? I think

And when your journey is done, I am the One to welcome You
Home at the Shore.

Posted: 2017-06-06 18:54:24 UTC

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