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No matter where I go, 
Always there I am.
I try so hard to lose me
Don’t care a tinker’s damn!

And then I see my shadow
Upon my heels it licks.
Oh God what is it I can do??
To get my emotion fix!

The heartache it surrounds me
My eyes become a well.
My thoughts they serenade me
The tales I mustn’t tell.

Escape I long to do once more
But everywhere I go,
Memories follow close behind
A soap opera TV show.

I’m weary for it never ends
How long will this go on?
Morn and eve the days they pass.
I tell myself be strong.

I’m only human, this I know
I need to understand.
These are lessons learned in life
Part of God’s large scale plan.

I turn to face my spectre self.
My soul she can’t outrun.
We merge in love’s illumination.
The two parts now are one.
Posted: 2017-06-07 10:59:59 UTC

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